Set 3x Time Timer® Collection

Collection of 3 timers of 60 minutes. Available in 2 sets.


Code Qty
75301 -blue, red and yellow-
75302 -orange, purple and green-

Each set includes three Original Time Timers Medium, visual timers in three different colours.

  • Includes three dry erase cards for 1:1 Activity Management
  • Includes one free download of the Time Timer Desktop App
  • Includes bi-fold guide for using center timers in the early learning classroom
  • Easily recognizable colours for children
  • Silent operation with optional audible alert at end of timing
  • Magnetic back and fold-up feet
  • Protective lens with center-set knob
  • Each Time Timer requires 2 AA/1.5 V batteries (not included)
  • Product dimensions (each timer) 19x19x3,8 cm
  • Packaging Measurements 23,6×14,8×20,5 cm

The Learning Center Classroom Sets are available in two separate sets:

  • Primary Colour Collection (red, yellow, blue)
  • Secondary Colour Collection (orange, green, purple)

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