SENIOR multisensory espace

Comfortable and appropriate equipment for the elderly, that stimulates exploration and new shared experiences

  • Reference: 00181


The design is extremely accessible and the proprioceptive and reminiscent possibilities have been accentuated.
The equipment allows future updates and/or extensions. The SENIOR sensory room incorporates:

  • Professional Bose® S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth® speaker system (no installation required).
  • Protac SenSit® Straight proprioceptive seat, with a calming effect and specific for the elderly, with leg module.
  • Aroma diffuser, including 4 bottles 10ml of essential oils
  • Optical fibers (harness 2 m)
  • Aura projector with 4 wheel effects: 1 liquid, 1 reminiscent and 1 blank
  • 175 cm bubble column (includes 30 l. of de-ionized water)
  • Black light and fluorescent products to manipulate
  • Tactile elements to touch, manipulate and memorize
  • PROTAC Ballblanket Granulated 140x200cm 5.5kg proprioceptive blanket
  • Multicolored ambient light (aluminum, 2m long)
  • Remote control to turn on and off electrical appliances

Specific for the elderly. Simple assembly and installation, accessible to everyone (may need to add additional power outlets)

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