Protac SenSit® high

Sensory-stimulating chair for children and grown-ups with 5 cm balls in the back and in the top layer of the seat.
The movement and the deep touch pressure of the balls stimulate the sense of touch and the proprioceptive sense – a stimulation of these senses enhances the awareness of the body and provides a sense of security and calmness in head and body.


Code Qty
53211 white
53212 black
53213 red
53215 aqua
53216 lime
53217 dusty green
53218 dark grey

The wings of the chair are also filled with balls and can both be used to stabilize the user and to adapt to individual preferences for both seating position and sensory stimulation. Some like to be wrapped closely in all four wings for a strong sensory stimulation and a feeling of being closely surrounded for enhances comfort – others prefer to only use some of the wings or to use them for support.

There is an incontinence cover on the back of the seat, so in the event of an accident in the chair, one can easily zip the fabric off the seat and wash it. The chair can also be completely disassembled when one wishes to wash the entire cover.

The high back model is designed for persons over 180 cm. For people under 180 cm, the Protac SenSit® standard model is recommended.

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