Protac BallCushion B38mm 40x40 cm office chair

Sensory stimulating ball cushion especially suitable for height-adjustable office chairs. Ideal for children and adults with hyperactivity and anxiety. It helps with a better body awareness, calms restlessness and hyperactivity and promotes concentration and learning.

  • Reference: 55209


Protac BallCushion® helps to have a good and dynamic sitting position, and if you are restless, your upset will spread to the cushion, as you can move on constantly.

This BallCushion is attached to the chair with a buckle under the seat and it is available with 3,8 cm balls and for a 40 x 40 cm seat.

Provides strong stimulation thanks to dynamic, deep pressures and increased cushion movement. We recommend it for people with motor restlessness, ADHD and psychiatric disorders.

Protac BallCushion® can be advantageously combined with Protac GroundMe® and Protac KneedMe® if additional stimulation of the muscle-joint sense and the sense of touch is needed.

If you don’t know which BallCushion choose, contact with us.

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