Set 8x17ml assorted fluor acrylic paints

Set of 8 opaque and fluorescent acrylic paints.

  • Reference: 15321


These opaque and fluorescent acrylic paints will cause your creations to have very vivid colours.
They will show intense brightness, especially if applied on white surfaces. In addition, they react and stand out with ultraviolet/black light, providing infinite creative possibilities.
They're not toxic. They can be used with brush and airbrush.
8 bottles of 17 ml each one

  • 1x Fluor Lime
  • 1x Fluor Yellow
  • 1x Fluor Orange Mango
  • 1x Fluor Orange
  • 1x Fluor Red
  • 1x Fluor Pink
  • 1x Fluor Violet
  • 1x Fluor Blue

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