Time Timer® emotion wheel "boo-boo reel"

Emotional wheel to identify pain and intensity

  • Reference: 75396


For children it is difficult to indicate that they have pain and how serious in fact the pain is. From now on, this is the past: The Boo-Boo Wheel is a double-sided swivel wheel that helps children identify physical pain and indicate the intensity of this pain.
Easy to use, insightful and extremely educational.

  • Diàmetre 23 cm.

Green side: 8 Common injuries

  • Head
  • Throat
  • Tummy
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Sick
  • Ears
  • I don’t know

Orange side: 8 Reactions

  • It hurts
  • It hurts a little
  • It hurts a lot
  • It hurts very much
  • I am fine
  • Yes [V]
  • No [X]
  •  ?

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