Mixer 12 channels DENON® DN-312X

12-channel rack-mounted mixer that can solve countless sound challenges.

  • Reference: 39306


The DN-312X provides individual level control for all inputs, in addition to level control for the mono output port and a master level control. It has 3-level equalizer and controlled priority for mic/line. It can be powered by standard AC or 24V DC power supply.

Its main features are:

  • 6 HDHQ™ Combination of inputs with MIC, Phantom and Line selector switches
  • 6 mono RCA inputs (3 stereo)
  • 1/4" output microphone monitor to privately hear any of the microphone inputs
  • Balanced XLR linear outputs
  • 1/4" mono line output can be used to power sound to an external recording device
  • AC or 24V DC power inputs
  • Mic 1 Priority control
  • Master and individual level controls
  • 1U rack mounted

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