Chewy wand ARK's Fairy Princess

Easy to grip wand, excellent for both teeth and posterior molar chewing.
Measurements: 15.24 cm long, 5.08 cm the widest part of the star and 1.27 cm thick.


Code Qty
52101 magenta, standard
52102 yellow, standard
52103 hot pink, XT-medium
52104 teal, XT-medium
52105 royal blue, XXT-toughest
52106 lavender, XXT-toughest

Reasonably long wand for posterior molar chewing, with a fun star shape at one end, which also allows you to chew it with your teeth. The star has an edge that gives it visual and tactile interest. At the long end is a hole through which a cord can be passed to hang around your neck. Available in 3 levels of firmness, color-coded:

  • Standard: Softer level, recommended for light bites.
  • XT-medium: Firmer, recommended for moderate bites.
  • XXT-very firm: it is the hardest level, it is still chewable but quite rigid. No utensil created for chewing it is indestructible, but its durability is higher; recommended for avid biters.
  • Keep in mind that due to its shape, the end of the star is harder than the handle which is thinner, regardless of the level of firmness.

Caution: This product is not a toy.
While these chewing utensils are sturdy and durable, none are indestructible. Due to the nature of the intended use, wear and tear is expected.
Regularly inspect chewable utensils and replace when necessary.

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