ARK's Brick Bracelet

Bracelet with a design that makes it easy to grab and take off your wrist as needed.
It has tactile dots that give it a different sensory texture.

Dimensions: The small size is recommended for a wrist circumference of less than 12.7 cm and the larger size, for approximately 12.7 cm. The bracelets can be folded so that the size is flexible.


Code Qty
52143 pequeño, turquesa, XT-medio
52153 grande, negro, XT-medio

This bracelet provides a safe, portable and unobtrusive solution for those who need to bite.
It is a very suitable option for those who cannot wear necklaces and/or for those who bite their sleeves. It can also be used as a sensory input: twist it, bend it, run your fingers over the touch buttons, and so on. Available in 3 levels of firmness, color-coded:

  • Standard: Softer level, recommended for light bites.
  • XT-Medium: Firmer, recommended for moderate bites.
  • XXT-hard: it is the hardest level, it is still chewable but quite rigid. No utensil created for chewing it is indestructible, but its durability is higher; recommended for avid biters.

Put you on several bracelets to make color combinations to add a soothing weight to your wrists and/or combine them with an ARK's Brick Stick ™
Caution: This product is not a toy. The brooch and cord are not meant to be bitten. It contains small parts that can pose a choking hazard, direct supervision is required. Recommended from 5 years.
While these chewing utensils are sturdy and durable, none are indestructible. Due to the nature of the intended use, wear is expected.
Regularly inspect chewable utensils and replace when necessary.

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