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Protac SenSit®


Some call it "the pouf that hugs you" because it stimulates the proprioceptive system by wrapping the body, transmitting to the user a feeling of security, protection and well-being. It provides a great persistent calming effect. Suitable for anyone, especially if they have physical or mental...

Protac SenSit® high


Sensory-stimulating chair for children and grown-ups with 5 cm balls in the back and in the top layer of the seat.
The movement and the deep touch pressure of the balls stimulate the sense of touch and the proprioceptive sense – a stimulation of these senses enhances the...

Protac SenSit® Nature


Sensory stimulating chair for children and adults with motor and mental restlessness. Nature influences our senses. It provides joy, peace and energy at the same time, and we also know that outdoor rehabilitation strengthens physical, mental and social skills. Staying outdoors adds an extra...


Protac SenSit® straight


Es un puf de estimulación sensorial. La altura y el ángulo del asiento están especialmente desarrollados para los usuarios que tienen dificultad para moverse sin ayuda. Está relleno de bolas en el asiento, espalda y brazos laterales que proporcionan una posición cómoda para sentarse y...