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There are a variety of presentations of Optical Fibers. Each of them provides visual stimulation and a pleasant tactile experience.

Optical fibers can define a space with different rules, where the visual and tactile stimulation of the fibers will make it possible to come into contact with any person.

Clear Jumbo Harness 15 tails 2m


2 meter fibre harnesses with a wide outer diameter of...

Fiber optic courtain with Cantilever wall bracket, light source included


Fiber optics curtain will full colour change

Interactive light source *without wireless receiver


LED light interactive source and quiet.

Side sparkle harness 2m 100 tail


100 optical fibres tail, 2m long, side view, made of...

Side Sparkle Harness 2m x 200 Tail


200 optical fibres tail, 2m long, side view, made of...

Sparkle LED Light Source


Light source with LED-RGB lamp, with lighting that...

UV Harness 100 tails 2m


This certified safe fibre harnesses is supplied in...